3 Free College Computer Science Courses

computer science May 19, 2023

Knowledge is freely available if you know where to look and are willing to put in the effort. Here are 3 free college computer science courses offered at some of the world's top universities. You do not need to apply to the school, you can just watch the lecture videos and complete the assignments on your own time. While you will not earn the college credit, you can learn all the same materials from the same instructors. 

Here are 3 great courses from top universities: 

  1. Harvard CS50X - This is a 10 week, quite intensive course, to cover the basics of computer science and programming. The course begins with Scratch and then progresses to C, python, SQL and HTML languages. As of Spring 2023, this course is still active every semester. 
  2. MIT Open Courseware Intro to Computer Science and Programming in Python - The videos are from fall 2016, but the material is still very good. 
  3. Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy - While not technically a college course, this course is arranged as a 28 week course for high school students. It is targeted towards a traditional high school classroom. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is doing a good job of creating computer science resources for high school students and teachers. CMU is also developing a separate computer science course for college credit, but that would include an extra fee. 

Happy Learning!

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